Sunday, November 11, 2012

Highs of the Weekend

Sarah Briggs came to school Friday morning to hang out for a couple hours before she left on a road trip. I'm so thankful for a friend that will wake up incredibly early to come hang out with me and see me with my kids at school.

We had an all school assembly for Veteran's Day. The best part was watching the choir, band and orchestra perform what they've been working on.

With one day between large writing projects we had a fun day making top 10 lists, writing things for our Thanksgiving bulletin board and solving word challenges in our groups.

Friday after school I drove up to Chicago to meet my mom and sister. We had big plans for the next day and needed to get together the night before. I love getting to hang out with both of them.

Saturday morning we woke up early to get to West Elm in Chicago and claim spots in line. We waited three hours on the sidewalk before the story opened and our line moved inside to wait for three more hours. Finally Sherry and John of Young House Love arrived and we got to meet them. They signed Katie's copy of their book and my ceramic owls I had just picked out.

Saturday night I got to hang out with friends to celebrate Emily and Dani's birthdays. It was so fun to have all of these friends together and have an intense competition of Catch Phrase.

This crew of camp friends spans so many different summers of counseling. At the end of the night we sat around talking about old counselors and stories. Sam, Eric and Lily are three of the best story tellers I know and I couldn't stop laughing.

I'm so thankful for my friends and for the history we have together. I love that Lil and Kath make time to come to visit.

Sunday morning I went to Common Ground with Jamie Z. Singing there every week is one of my favorite things. I love being a part of something bigger than myself and being reminded of what's true and what matters.
We ate a late breakfast at Good Morning Mama's and scarfed down our plates of food. So delicious.
The 2012 CILT reunion is quickly approaching and in an effort to get more people to sign up Jamie and I made a video to post in the CILT groups on facebook. C'mon team- sign up!

Oh la la Olivia joined us in the afternoon for a traditional Orange Leaf mid-afternoon snack. We spent the next hour watching all of my video clips from this past summer. I have to start making the video for the reunion that will include all the CILT pictures, videos and songs and I can't wait.

I got a text from Audrey reminding me to come to Butler YL dinner and I was so glad I went. It was a reunion of so many past and present Carmel girl leaders. Sarah and MaryEllen had just returned from their road trip so Sar met Eshan, Laura and Audrey for the very first time.

Even if it was quick, I'm thankful for time with Sar and MaryEllen and the wisdom and joy they both have.

I finally got to Skype with Annie and talk to Ellie-- two long awaited conversations and it was so good to talk with them.

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