Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving break kick off

Wednesday morning was the first official day of Thanksgiving Break, even though I'd been gone since Saturday. I woke up early to finish laundry, unpacking, picture loading and repacking before hurrying to meet Molly at Patachou, our favorite breakfast spot. It's strange that she's now on the list of college kids I want to see when they come home on Break-- still getting used to her being away.

She brought her friend Kristen from Depauw and I thought she was great away. The three of us laughed and talked about Indy and camp and school and each tackled a stack of the best cinnamon toast ever created.

And only a few hours after that meal I drove up to Fishers for a mini cabin reunion. Hannah, my co-counselor at TWL Wyld Life this past summer, was home from Purdue for Thanksgiving and wanted to see some of our girls. While the other 9 were already away or busy with their families she still got to see Ashley and Katy P. That week was one of the best of my whole year and I loved being with some of the people we shared that experience with.

Lucci came along too and entertained us with stories of her baby-sitting career. While she may not go into a profession centered around children I think she could always find work as a comedian. I loved getting to see Hannah and catch up in person. I'm so excited that she's been placed as a Wyld Life leader up at school and that she'll soon have her own girls.

I spent the afternoon driving up to MI and finally pulled into the driveway just after dark. Katie and Linc came out the back door to welcome me and bring me inside where Nick was putting the finishing touches on the chili. I got to play with the Lincster for a little before his bedtime and then watched TV with Katie and Nick. I'm excited about spending the next few days with all of them.

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