Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mexico Day 1- We got more bounce in California

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early, ready for an adventure. I met the Devoe, Hendricks, Renshen and Cowan families at the airport for our first flight. We were heading to California today, and eventually to Mexico for a Homes For Hope house build mission trip.

I was invited to come along with these Young Life families and I couldn't be more excited to share this experience with parents, my girls, their siblings and other relatives. We loaded the plane full of anticipation and excitement for what was to come.

A quick layover and lunch stop in Salt Lake City before getting back on the plane for San Diego. This time I got to flip through magazines and talk with Haleigh and Haley on the way there.

Everyone took taxis to the hotel and found our rooms, psyched to have arrived in Cali. We had a few hours before our dinner and Homes for Hope orientation so we took a spontaneous trip to the San Diego Zoo.

Almost all of our crew decided to check out the animals and adventure at the zoo. We first took advantage of the bus tour that took us all over the zoo so we could get a quick peak at each exhibit.

Everyone leaned out the windows, pointing and yelling when they spotted a koala bear, lion, monkey or kangaroo.

All of these kids are so fun to hang out with. Everyone was in such a good mood and excited to be out and running around in the California sun.

We hardcore-parkoured, climbed on bears, found stuffed animals, did some dance walking and laughed a lot.

And we all knew this was just the first part of what would be an extraordinary trip.

Back at the hotel we headed to dinner with our team and everyone on the other build. We ate together and watched a presentation about what we would be doing. Jay, one of the dads, sat with the girls and I and told us each what we should be when we grow up. He decided that Kayla should be a ballet teacher and that she could practice giving instruction with him all week.

He got his first lesson right then and there. Who knew he would be such a natural? 

We had cabin time in our room before going to bed. It would be an early morning and big day tomorrow.

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