Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mexico Day 4- Buses, planes and cars oh my

Tuesday morning we woke up in Ensenada and prepared for a full day of travel. We grabbed coffee around the corner, ate donuts on the bus, drove back up the coast and waited in line at the customs border before crossing back into the US.

The bus dropped us all off at the San Diego airport and we had to split up from there. The Devoe family headed to Georgia, the Renshens stayed in California and I was going back to good ol' Indiana with the Cowans and Hendricks.

Two flights, a couple Diet Cokes, a new book and a few snacks later we made it back to Indianapolis. We'd left early that morning but because of the time change it was 10:00 when we arrived. Emily picked me up and I got to tell her all my stories right away. This trip flew by, but it's one of the best I've ever been on.

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