Sunday, November 25, 2012

Oh happy day- Brown Bear, Emily Face, Oh La La and Flynnigan

While I was up in MI I had plenty of time to rest and not really do much of anything. I told Katie as we were out running errands, "It's so weird that I haven't really seen anyone I know besides you guys for days." I'm used to filling my week with work and FBC and YL and play dates and dinner with friends and hanging out with my roommates. Rest was good and needed but it's also good to come back to even more people I love.

Before they headed back to college I got to hang out with two old YL girls. Taylor, a Junior out in Colorado, and Emily, a Freshmen at IU, have both been main characters of my life. Now I'm so thankful for the times when we can sit and talk together.

These two are similar in so many ways. I love that they both care so much for their friends, that they live life big and are always excited about some adventure, they want to live lives full of joy and they always brighten my day. I miss seeing them all the time but am glad they're both doing so well where they're at.

And there's nothing like a good visit from friends like Olivia and Emma. While I was organizing life back at home this pair showed up at my door for the best surprise of my day.

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