Monday, February 25, 2013

A little bit of much needed whimsy

Tonight we had our third week on relationships and started our third Lent Project challenge. It was a crazy night. We tried out a new schedule--going right into groups and having songs and announcements at the end. Our girls were so hyper tonight. Not going to lie, I was a little overwhelmed. Sometimes that happens. On nights like this I've got to trust the process.
I still love hanging out with girls like Natalie, Maddie, Hayley and Mariah even when everything is nuts. Tonight I'm thankful for a quiet conversation as everyone was leaving. Moments like that are what I want to be about.

We never even went down to the basement gym tonight since we went right into our lesson. I was confused to hear music wafting up from that side of the garage when I was heading out to my car. I had to investigate what was going on down there. Pushing open the doors, I found Haleigh, Haley, Natalie and Mariah having a spontaneous dance party. Two seconds later I'd dropped my bag and coat to join right in. Sometimes you've got to just dance it out.


Sometimes I just need a little bit of whimsy like this. You know when you're tired, frustrated or just not really feeling it? The smallest things can turn your day around. Thank goodness for mini dance parties with these girls, for surprise texts from friends far away, for drawings from Malena, for seeing a pic of Lincoln and mom, for a new chapter of "Bread and Wine", for hearing your favorite song on the radio. It's the little things, like putting your friend through a basketball hoop.

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