Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Blizzards, basketballs and dance moves

I picked up Sabrina today for an after school snack. Hanging out with YL girls is the best and Saba is so special--I've known her since my first year teaching and love that we have become friends.

After watching the 7th grade girls' basketball team I drove across town to the talent show at Geist Elementary. I stayed with the Hendrick's sisters for a week at the beginning of February and while I was there Hadley and her friends got into the school talent show. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to cheer on their dance to Eenie Meenie Miney Mo Lover. Don't you love the tu-tus?

There must be something in the water because all the kids in this town are incredibly talented. I'm always amazed at the Junior High talent show at the end of the year, this was no different even though these kids are several years younger. I watched multiple dance routines, gymnasts, piano players, vocalists, cheerleaders, comedians and my favorite act of all was the most phenomenal hula-hooper I've ever seen. She hula-hooped while dancing to a medley of three different songs that had her dancing, twisting, jumping and spinning all over the stage.

We had our own cheering section with the Hendicks family, Jimmy, Milly, cousin Grace, neighbor Laura and Kendyl. Hadley was a rockstar and so precious. Love that girl.

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