Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Today was a great day

Somehow I always have a good day on No Pants Wednesday. I think more people should adopt this dress code, and by more people I mean more girls. While I was talking to kids in the lunch room today a girl I don't know at the table beside me turned around and kind of whispered, "I like your outfit" at me before turning around again. I love Junior High kids.
It's Spirit Week over at the High School and today they celebrated "When I Grow Up." Getting these pictures from Kate, Haleigh, Natalie, Audrey and Brooke because they want to grow up and be Young Life leaders made me so happy. They're the best.

My students were extra fun today. They got to sleep in an extra hour this morning and I think everyone was just in a good mood. I got to work with two kids that usually don't like school/writing/me but today they totally loved all three. Success.

I'm so proud of our school. We had a staff v student basketball game this afternoon. There were at least 150 kids in the stands to cheer on the 8th grade basketball team and about 15 teachers facing off. This event has been pumped on our daily announcements lately with both teachers and kids talking a big game and a bet involving shaving heads. I talked with the kids around me in the stands about how rare this type of this is-- there aren't many places where you could get this many teachers to participate and so many kids to be excited about something like this.

During half-time six teachers faced off in a hot dog eating contest. I signed up before I knew what the food would be... We each got a bib and had our hands tied behind our backs. Our plates each held six hot dogs. No bun, condiments optional. Just a pile of meat. They yelled "GO!" and the crowd started cheering. Stoner and McCord, the teachers on the ends of the table, both went to town wolfing down the hot dogs. I was not in it to win it today. By the time McCord had been crowned the victor for the second year in a row I had finished just half  of one hot dog.

Afterwards I blazed a trail to go hunt down some crickets for Wyld Life Club tomorrow night. Those little scally-wags sure are hard to wrangle up. Luckily I lassoed in four baby ones just in time to go meet Em and Rach for dinner.

They kid-napped me after our meal to go find new Sour Patch Kids Berry Mix at Target and then look for classroom books at Goodwill. I got lucky and found a pair of overalls--they're as hard to find as a needle in a haystack these days. I've already got a good stockpile of them but I text 8 Wyld Life girls to see if any of them wanted me to buy the pair for them. Withen seconds I had a string of "MEEEEE" "yeah!!!" "ME Prettttyyyyyy pleeeaaassseeee" "Me!!" texts blowing up my phones. Everybody loves a good pair of overalls.

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