Thursday, February 14, 2013

YL Valentine's Goodwill Formal

Tonight marked not only the most love-filled day of the year but also our first HSE YL Club. It seemed only fitting to throw a Goodwill Formal on this grand occasion.

Like any classy shin-dig we had a photo booth set up--- these are the moments, outfits, hairstyles and friends you'll never want to forget.


Lauren and Ryan still got to celebrate their love together on this V Day. I was thrilled that Rachel and Emily, two girls who have started coming this semester, showed up tonight.

I was floored by the beautiful dresses these ladies found at Goodwill or in their mother's closets. Vintage looks good on them.

Natalie and I are all about spreading color, joy and fun. I'm so glad we get to overlap so often. Hannah looks like she stepped straight out of the 80s.

We ran down to the gym for the real festivities. Singing Wonderwall, a love song Mash Up and My Heart Will Go On. We threw a little slow dancing in there too.

We did some balloon stomping...

Song guessing (the boys reactions were my favorite)...

Mystery chocolate eating and Come on 6 unwrapping.

These HS kids are so fun. We've been getting to know all of them in Campaigners this year but it was so fun to just hang out and be goofy tonight.

I can't imagine not doing Young Life here now. Today we celebrate love and I know we've got plenty of that to spread around. We love friends, 80s clothes, being goofy, weird raffle prizes, singing Bless the Lord, looking forward to next Monday, taking a break from the rest of what we do, dancing just because and living life to the full.


I'm excited to see how this Club will keep growing in the weeks and months to come. Not only are we praying for kids but we're praying for more leaders to join our team and get to know these kids with us. I love living in a place where there is so much opportunity for Christ to show up. It's scary sometimes but when I look back on what he's already done I'm confident that he's in control right now too.

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