Sunday, February 3, 2013

I think some football teams are playing at the Beyonce concert tonight

The Devoe's hosted a Young Life Super Bowl party. Their house was the perfect space for devouring massive amounts of food and watching the game in every room. After being out of town this weekend I was happy to be back with all of these leaders and kids.

The girls surprisingly weren't really into the game but we managed to stay entertained with play-dough, eating pizza/tacos/chips and dip/cookies/brownies/chocolate covered strawberries, making a string and cup telephone, watching commercials and taking pictures.

Most of the crowd consisted of our HS kids but we were so excited when these 8th grade girls came over. I love that in such short amount of time we've been able to create such a strong community of connections.

The only time we all gathered around the TV was Beyonce's half-time show. The Rams and 49'ers couldn't keep our attention but we were all about Beyonce, the dance moves, Destiny's Child and one heck of a voice.

If a football game can bring all these people together than I guess I can be a sports fan for a night.

**After this was posted I received the following text from my Dad. 

I laughed out loud at my own mistake once I realized. And I promise I really did know it was the Ravens, and I was even cheering for them, since Katie and Nick used to live in Baltimore.

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