Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Letter of the day

Dear Hendricks girls,

I loved getting to be your baby-sitter/friend/story-teller/chauffeur/guardian for the past five days. You three are each so different but incredibly fun. Who knew we could have such a good time cleaning the house or that we were capable of eating so much dessert? We survived iPhone problems, celebrated my 26th birthday and spent time with so many people we care about. I'd call it a success.

Libby- I loved getting to spend so much time with you whether we were having a heart to heart, hanging out at the house or dropping you off at soccer. You have become such a special part of my heart and I am so thankful I get to be your Young Life leader.
Emma- after getting to know you so much better last semester I was so excited to spend time with you this week. You always say that I have such a cool life but I have no doubt that you'll do something incredible with your own life. Keep caring about the things that really matter.
Hadley- You are a rock star. I will miss your constant repetitive headstands, how much you love playing the games I make up, checking your homework, telling you bed time stories and how you're constantly dishing out encouragement. Yeah buddy.

It kind of felt like I got to be a camp counselor with you guys for the last few days-- moments of hilarity with Milly, singing songs together, telling stories while we ate, convincing you to do your shared responsibilities, making sure we were all out the door in the morning and trying to make everything a little more fun. Thanks for making it a week I'd want to repeat.

Love, Sar

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