Monday, February 18, 2013

Peace, Love and DC day 3

Our last day in DC finally arrived much to our dismay. Our first stop this morning after breakfast was the Arlington Cemetery. Sarge told us lots of information about the place on our drive there. All three bus drivers came with us to walk around and give us more information about important tombs, headstones and other spots. I was continually amazed by how much they knew.

We saw Kennedy's Eternal Flame and the plots for his brothers.

The area is massive with rolling hills and thousands of tombstones in rows like soldiers at attention. We spent a couple hours here checking everything out and learning about the place.

We watched the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Solider. Then three of our kids got to help with a ceremony to lay a wreath from our school.

We had to wait in line outside of the National Archives for a little while but were highly entertained by Evan's ability to feed this squirrel by hand over and over again. Don't worry, he never got bit.

Olivia and I were FBC twinning today...

and I had to get another picture with my favorite dance partners.

We couldn't take pictures inside the Archives but inside the Rotunda for the Charters of Freedom we got to see the Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.

I got a little bus driving practice in on our way to the Capital building. 

Our school's tradition is to take a professional group photo in front of the Capital Building. We get all lined up and they take one panoramic picture. Because they piece together the segments, a couple kids get to be runners and appear two times in the picture. They change their coat, bandanna or hat and it's fun to try to spot them all in both both spots.

I convinced the other chaperons to get the ridiculous sweatshirts at Joe's too-- altogether we were Chaperons Gone Wild. I can't wait to look this good on Wednesday at school.

I loved getting to hang out with Malena so much. She is one of the greatest kids I've ever met with the biggest heart. I'm just getting to know Chloe through Wyld Life this year and I'm so glad that God is making our lives overlap.

We ate lunch at the Air and Space Museum and then only had a little time to explore. Obviously I had to run around to see all the work that my ancestors the Wright brothers had done. Check out their first plane, the Kitty Hawk, behind us.

Wilbur and Orville, such great guys.

I wish we could have had more time to explore. It was a unanimous feeling that we all wished we could stay in DC for a few more days.

One more bus ride to the airport. Team Leia was the best. They'll be difficult to top next year.

DC funk, we got spunk, the FBC is hiding in the trunk
Llll, Eeee, Iiii, Aaaa
I pledge allegiance to the bus of the United Team of Leia

They told me before we came that Sarge is the best, they were right. The kids were great travelers on the way back home, patiently waiting to check our bags and all getting to the gate on time. They screamed during lift-off with their hands up like we were on a roller coaster but were relatively calm the rest of the flight.

We got back to Indy just after 7 and were greeted by a hoard of families all ready to have their kids back. They were excited to take just one more picture for us. I'm so glad that I agreed to go on this trip and share in this adventure with all of these kids. I got to see so many new things and have a blast with this whole group.

I'm continually reminded that I'm so lucky and blessed to get to teach in this community and be a teacher for these kids. It was a phenomenal trip from start to finish.

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