Monday, February 4, 2013

Battfields and Love Bombs

Monday nights are the best because they're Young Life nights. Even though we had to have an impromptu freezing picnic in the basement for leadership it was still worth it. Even though I was exhausted after a weekend of not sleeping enough it was still worth it. I am convinced that God continually meets us in our not enough and makes it more than enough.

Tonight we did some prep for tomorrow's Love Bombing. The idea is to get a group of super fans to come cheer on a sport or competition that doesn't usually get a lot of attention. How awesome will it be to have a bunch of HS kids cheer on these 8th and 7th grade girls' basketball teams?

We made posters together and we're talking about coming dressed up like we would to a HS basketball game on Friday night. I'm really hoping that face paint will end up happening.

When the kids start chanting "ONE BIG GROUP!" it's hard to turn them down so we all met in the Zebra room tonight-- all the grades, both genders, all the leaders packed together. It was cool to do something different for a week and hear new people's perspectives.

This week we're doing what Jordin Sparks and Paul told us to do-- putting on our armor for the battlefield. This armor is always available but it's a choice to get dressed in it each day-- the helmet of salvation, breastplate of righteousness, belt of truth, shoes of the Gospel of peace, shield of faith and sword of the spirit. It's a pretty sweet deal that we have that kind of protection. What are you going to wear today?

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