Sunday, February 24, 2013

Quilty, Quilty, Quilt Camp

This weekend I got to return to Camp Tecumseh, one of my favorite places, with my mom Beth and Sarah Briggs, two of my very favorite people. Sar is getting married in May and this was the weekend to make her wedding quilt. 

This is the 5th quilt the three of us have tag-teamed-- the first for Sar, a wedding quilt for our old roommate and friend Jenna and two baby quilts for friends. We'd picked out fun blues, greens and yellows and were excited to make another quilt we'd all love.

There's not a whole lot to write about the weekend because Quilt Camp is a whole lot of sewing. We sew and then we eat, then we go sew some more, then it's time for another meal before we sew again. We sit at this table for most of the time, unless we were laying out all of the blocks. But I love the simpleness of it all. I love that we just get to be together and not be stressed or worried about anything else going on.

We each have our own jobs, we're an assembly line super machine. Mom sews, I match the pieces together and Sar irons. With all three of us working we can get done with each section extra fast. All the other ladies in the room wanted their own assistants to speed up their projects.

By dinner on Saturday night we finished the wedding quilt! The borders took us longer than we expected but we love the finished project. It's off to the quilters now so it'll be all finished by the big day (fingers crossed).

There was still more weekend left and a whole bag of fabric just waiting to be made into something beautiful, so we did something we've never done before. We decided to start a second quilt. Yep, we're that crazy.

I chose a lot of the fabrics from Sar and Ben's quilt plus threw more of my favorite pinks and oranges into the mix. We were cutting machines-- 64 10" squares, 64 of 3 different lengths of polka-dot fabric to run through the whole thing. Then we started sewing again.

By late this morning we completed all 64 blocks and got the whole quilt laid out. I'm in love with it. We say that every quilt is our favorite, but this is a really great one. Sar and I even convinced mom to start sewing the rows and we finished four by lunch!

Sar and I were easily the youngest girls at Quilt Camp this weekend but we were surrounded by so many women that come here not just for the sewing but for the friendships. Ruthie and Kathy come all the way up from Kentucky to sew together, Deb and her best friend Ginny came for the very first time together, the three women that organized all the 50's games and decorations are like the three amigos and I'm pretty sure my mom is close friends with all of the ladies there. Quilt Camp is all about relationships. While we sew the room is a buzz of conversation and no one wants to head home on Sunday. I'm so glad that I get to share this with Sar and my mom, two of my very best friends.

p.s. My t-shirt quilt from the December quilt is completely done now. Mom brought it down this weekend with the binding all finished as one of my belated birthday presents. I love it!

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