Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Young Life Shake

We got today off from school because it had been built into our schedule as a flex day. If we'd had a snow day earlier we would have made it up today. Thankfully this meant we had a whole recovery day after the DC trip. I slept in late, finished laundry and drank coffee while I edited all my pictures from the trip. In the middle of the day I met up with KCraig and her four Wyld life girls for a Panera lunch so we could tell her all about the trip. I love laughing and talking with the five of them. After they left I stayed behind and wrote all of the DC posts until it was time for Campaigners.

It was strange to meet on a Tuesday night because of the flex day but I was so glad I didn't have to miss out on a week with these kids. Grace Andritsch came for the first time ever and made me so happy. She's one of the most inspiring kids I've ever had the honor to know and I still miss seeing her every single day like I did the past two years. She's the kind of person I want to keep being friends with forever. Natalie's lacrosse practice got cancelled so she could still come tonight and we got to see her new haircut in person--I love it.

It's never too late to jump on the band wagon so tonight we filmed our own YL Harlem Shake movie. We had a dance off to determine the first person going crazy on screen. Then we all went nuts. I brought a bag of some of my favorites from my dress up box and outfitted half the crowd with jerseys, Indian vests, bandannas, potholder headbands and neon hats. I love this crew. Check it out HSE YL does the Harlem Shake

We're in week two of our relationship series. Last week after talking about the three flames of love we wrote down questions for the guys. Tonight we got a list of their questions and started to put together our answers. It was really interesting to hear the girls all throwing in their two cents about why they do the things they do, what girls are really looking for, why they dress or say certain things. There are still more questions to be answered and more things to talk about-- I love the direction all of this is headed in.

For so many kids in HSE this group is becoming their safety net, a community that they can fall back on. Here people from so many different friend groups come together to hold one another up. I love that we can be so honest and open, laugh one minute and be serious the next, go from singing worship songs to doing the Harlem Shake. This is all about relationship, discipleship and transformation.

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