Friday, February 15, 2013

Where I'm From

Based on the poem by George Ella Lyon, we wrote our own interpretations in class today.

I'm from blue hall passes, from Diet Coke and assignment notebooks
I am from the fire extinguisher box in the wall (white, clean, it's the secret hiding spot of 15 pencils)
I am from the far end of the 7th grade hallway and the teacher's lounge off of the cafeteria
I am from being PAWSitive and 10 minute writes, from Trulock and KCraig
I am from the question-asking-sevies and the book-checker-outers
From Paws not Claws and Taylor Time
I'm from the best ISTEP scores in Hoosier country, daily video announcements and making bracelets after school with girls once a week
I'm from the dodge ball tournament and the amazing race, taco triangles and square pizza on Friday
From catching pencils with Hodgin to chaperoning the Tecumseh field trip
On my classroom walls are pictures of classes that have moved on, crafts from my girls, caricatures painted by 8th graders and notes that remind me I'm here for the kids

I am from Campaigners sheets, a bowl of candy and neon fanny packs
I am from the gym where we gather every Monday night (under the garage, fluorescent lights, cold all winter long)
I'm from the first tree Allison climbed and the room with the real zebra rug
I am from love tanks at camp and love bombing at school, from KCraig and the Robertsons
I am from thrift-shop-dancers and the tears-shared-in-confidence
From take a seat and it's raffle time
I'm from praying in a circle, talking about things that matter and soaking up Club talks
I'm from Pine Cabin and long bus rides, bike cookie and Orange Leaf after school
From the concussion Audrey got at Wyld Life and when Payton got a goose egg during cabin time
In my journal is a list of my girls' names, lines of prayers and lists of hopes for more moments of experiencing God's grace and living life to the full

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