Sunday, December 1, 2013

"Rarah pull Nene"

Saturday I got one more day of playing with the nephews and the rest of my family. It's amazing seeing Lincoln growing up-- he continues to learn more words and figure things out. I know that when I see him in a few weeks I'll be amazed by how much more he knows then. Redford has so much more personality these days too. He giggles and smiles with you now and we just love this little guy.

I read books with the boys, changed diapers, played beach with Lincoln, held Red, crafted with Katie and Mom, and spent time with the whole family. It's been such a good week.

I left Michigan Sunday morning so that I could get back to Indy in time to meet Kayla, who is up from Florida, and a whole crew of Session 2 CILTs for lunch. It was so fun to get to see Kayla this afternoon and we're pumped that she can come back in three weeks for the CILT Reunion at camp.

Session 2 is lucky to have so many people live nearby. I love that these friendships have become so important to them. Chandler, Becky, Tay Hof, Kennice, Rachel, Kaitlyn, Blake, Claire, Kayla, Taylor Fischl and Kiley have all put in effort to stay connected and be a part of one another's lives in these weeks and months since camp. Their are 29 other members of this CILT family and we can't wait to see most of them in a few weeks.

Sisters Claire and Kiley both decided to get Instagrams today, they're feeling great about their decision.

Not going to lie, it's easy to get camp sick during the year. But getting to see so many of my Longhouse girls definitely makes things better. After all, camp isn't about the location, it's about the people that make that place so special.

Tonight Young Life and Wyld Life leaders gathered together at Ryan and Lauren's house for a Friendsgiving Fiesta. These people are the bomb. It's been strange to not see them as much this week but we had quite the party tonight.

Ryan Lauren broke out their old school Mario and taught us all the professional ways to do well in Olympics...

we broke out Lauren's friendship bracelet string box and about five of us were working on tying beautiful knots...

we played a group game of Loaded Questions and laughed every round...

learned how to make cats go to sleep (don't worry, Rusty doesn't mind)...

tried on Ryan's shiny, Straight No Chaser suit coats...

and did some Young Life family bonding.

Ain't no party like a Young Life party.

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