Saturday, February 7, 2015

80's Wyld Life Club

There are few things I love to do more on Saturday nights than go to Wyld Life Club. I showed up and was immediately joined by fellow leaders Ryan, Trulock and Jess. It's a privilege to get to lead and live life with people as enthusiastic and caring as them. Soon our HS leaders were there and we ate dinner together and pow-wow'd before all the kids showed up.

Soon the gym was packed with neon, scrunchies, tutus, leg warmers and track jackets. None of these kids were alive in the 80s... or even in the 90s actually... but that didn't stop us from having fun.

I love that this YL family continues to grow with 7th and 8th graders, guys and girls, people from different friend groups and the dependable kids that show up week after week.

We are so lucky to have a crew of HS kids that are eager to spend their time here making sure these Junior High kids feel loved and are having so much fun. Because of the impact YL has had on their lives, they want to give back and lead others.

I'm thankful for girls like Sydney that almost tackle me to the ground when they walk into club. For HS girls like Blaire that lead with character, humility, patience and grace.

I was so happy to see Jayla and Annaka here for their very first time. They're in my class this semester and they brighten my day every time I walk into my classroom. I love Cami and when we get to hang out at Wyld Life together.

The Boy Squad is usually moving too fast to catch in a picture, or I'm usually dodging their soccer and basketballs. But I love the rare moment when I capture them in all their Junior High glory.

We had plenty of dance party moments tonight-- Living On A Prayer, Don't Stop Believin' and Come On Eileen. Even if they don't know words to the verses these kids still go hard the whole time. I love dance parties with them.

I'm thankful for Joyce Yoon and Meric--two girls that are so confidently themselves, girls who lead with integrity and enthusiasm.

Watching siblings Tristan and Silvana dance and have so much fun together tonight was one of my favorite things. They're crazy and love South Africa and love each other.

I think it would be impossible to not have fun at Wyld Life. I love that my students and all the kids in Fishers have a place where they are welcome and loved like this. I don't want to ever take it for granted.

Yes! The boys posed again! This is moments after Ryan got all of them to put their hands in the middle of the circle and scream, "MEN!" on the count of three.

One of the most phenomenal games of the night involved 8 brave kids sticking fruit snacks up their nose and then blowing them out as far as they could. Danny Tully also volunteered to eat his snot covered fruit snack at the end.

I'm thankful for Ryan and how he leads us in music every week. I know not every area has a guitar player and it really adds so much to every Club.

Chad, one of our Seniors, shared the Club talk tonight. His life continues to be changed and transformed by his relationship with Christ and I wouldn't be surprised if he actually exploded because of the enthusiasm he has for his faith. Tonight he shared about friendship-- a story about the way Jesus encouraged people rather than pointing our their failures. This past week Chad spent a day walking around school with a giant tooth paste stain on his shirt and only had one friend that didn't comment on it but gave him a compliment instead. Are we surrounding ourselves with friends that will build us up? Are we being the kind of friend that encourages and supports?

I pray for girls like Cecilia, Cami, Sarah and Julia that they would find and keep and be extraordinary friends. I think it's true that we become like the people we spend our time with and I want them to continue to grow into the excellent people God made them to be.

I'm so thankful for Wyld Life and all of these friends. God is good.

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