Tuesday, February 24, 2015

"Wanna know something? During a lost swimmer drill I had to check the bathroom so I had to run up the hill. I had a cramp for the three hours after that."

There is a new Love Does Experience Study Guide that you can download for free. Each day has a challenge to get you doing stuff because love is an action. Here's the first one, 

Bob tells a story about his YL leader Randy who consistently told him, "I'm with you." Is there a person who has been there with you when the going got rough? Or a person who poured out his or her life to mentor or counsel you? Or someone who talked you out of making a bad choice or talked you into making a good one? Right now, reach out to them to say thanks. Send a text or an email or a letter or a facebook message. The more immediate the better. Just say, "Thank you for being there for me." Be as specific as you feel comfortable, but practice the risk of gratitude.

There is a 7th grade girl named Sydney that loves me so well. I was her teacher last semester and I'm one of her Wyld Life leaders now. This child finds ways to say thank you to me over and over again. Gratitude just oozes out of this girl. She's the kind of kid that people immediately fall in love with because of her joy, spunk and smile. I came back into my classroom after passing period today and found this note on my desk from her. I think I should take some gratitude cues from Syd. 


Yesterday after Siblings Club, Ellie Fitzgerald and I decided we need to have a Tecumseh dinner date. So on this #tecumsehtuesday we invited Indy friends to meet us at Mellow Mushroom-- Tecumseh's Unofficial Pizza Place. It's where I always go to dinner with friends like Odle, Ellyn, Molly, Alli, Erin O'Awesome and any one else that's in town. Tonight we initiated a whole new generation of camp friends.

It was so good to see and catch up with Lucy, Sam Gates, Taylor Fischl, Robby, Jackson, Ellie, Ashley Yuska, Chloe and Maggie Paul. Some of them will work Day Camp this summer and some won't, but that doesn't change these friendships and our shared history. I love that about camp.

Top 10 Things I Love Today
1. Starting the day with another 2-hour delay
2. How excited Lulu was about her new creamsicle Patty
3. Giving a friendship bracelet to Lucy
4. Talking about Grey's Anatomy with people when we're all so obsessed that it's like the characters are real people
5. Creating new seating charts for all of my classes-- one of the perks of being a teacher is intentional placement of kids
6. Conspiring on secret capers with friends
7. Talking to Annie Fazzio
8. The daily lap in the 8th grade hallway before 6th period
9. Watching Ellen with 5th period because they had so much extra time
10. The Young Life Leader blog asking for a write up of Siblings Club for them to potentially post

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