Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Where I'm From (based off the poem by George Ella Lyon)

HSE Junior High

I am from pencil pouches, girls' Vera Bradley lunch boxes and boys' Jordans
I am from Room 124 (crepe paper streamers, walls covered with art, it feels like a party)
I am from the tall beige lockers that close with a bang, the crowded cafeteria tables
I'm from students on the daily announcements, the try-hards and sevies, from Trulock, Beesley, Couchie and Hodgin
I am from 7th graders camping out at Tecumseh, 8th graders exploring Washington D.C.
From "We're a Blue Ribbon School" and Be Pawsitive
I'm from early Friday morning bible studies and copies of Love Does in lockers and on library shelves
I'm from the old school on Olio--where we came from and where many will return
From taco triangles and chocolate chip cookies on Thursdays
From FBC girls that tie knots during class and stay for an hour after school once a week
The newspapers publish our impressive ISTEP scores, but the real value of our school is found in the character, enthusiasm and personality of our kids that fill our hallways and classrooms day after day


I am from best friend necklaces, brown paper love tank bags and scavenging through campers' snack boxes
I am from the Party Room in the back of the River Lodge (secluded, carpeted, smelling of cigarette smoke, cereal and cleaning supplies but mostly it smelled like home)
I am from the tree that shades the Longhouse Porch, the muddy trail to the Gish we hike once a Session
I am from sneaking up to the secret room with counselors or sneaking under the Main Lodge deck during the Sunday tour
I'm from the neon-hat, giant backpack, wooden name tag, beeping watch wearers, from Arie and Smooncat
From Do Good, Have Fun, CILT Pack and "How many more of you need to shower?"
I'm from the wooden benches of the Green Cathedral, 36 girls squeezed in a devotion circle in Choctaw, praying and holding hands on the moonlit bank of the Tippecanoe
I'm from the Day Camp Shadow Day and RFAJWD, from craisins, Nerd Ropes and Graze
From Olivia's cashew scare and Erin's white tongue
I am from late night talks--on bunks, in the hallway, at picnic tables. Words exchanged and stories shared. The conversations that knit us together and made the friendships formed that summer the strongest ones yet.

Saxony, Fishers

I am from friendship bracelet string, Diet Coke and bagel bites
I am from the pictures on the wall (hundreds of smiling faces, lives overlapping)
I am from the sidewalks that I don't have to shovel and the leaves I don't have to rake, the front door I enter by punching in the six digit code
I am from Chick Flick Sundays and taking pictures of bracelets on the porch
From the Halkyards and the people who let their dog poop in the hallway
I am from the just-passing-through to the never-meet-your-neighbors
From, "Hi! Come on in," and "Is your fridge always this empty?"
I'm from Northview bulletins, old Campaigners sheets and a pile of books written by Shauna, Bob, Donald and Glennon
I'm from Broad Ripple and Carmel, dinners our at McAllisters and Chipotle
From the toe I broke running up the stairs and the scar I got when I burned my arm pulling pizza out of the oven
I am from a thousand blog posts-- pictures uploaded late at night and words typed to document this life to the full. Hundreds of posts detailing adventures, main characters, celebrations and traditions of my story.

Young Life

I am from friendship bracelets, Patagonia and Campaigners sheets
I am from Shore Acres and the gigantic red barn built right in the middle
I am from the couches at Mama Bears, the rocking chairs at Sharp Top that served as the landing spot for one on one talks
I am from Summit and dance parties, from Michindoh and Castaway
I am from the popular kids and the hipsters, the athletes and the nerds-- everyone was made for this
From What's going on? and Hip-Hip-Jorge!
I'm from 20 Minutes at camp, Sophomores and Seniors in the cubby room and clapping in unison after every Amen
I'm from the Robertson's living room and Grandma Devoe's garage, carried in meals and contact work over coffee
From the soccer ball that nailed Abby in the face and the basketballs we dodge every Monday night
Collectively we share a story of club games and run on skits, of leadership mornings and hours of showing up at kids games and concerts. We're from relationships-- friendships built as lives are changed and transformed from the inside out.

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