Thursday, February 12, 2015

"I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I'm the full package."

Kid President's Guide To Awesome features dozens of awesome people. One of those is Kevin Olusola, a beat boxing cello player. You've got to watch this video of Kevin to see and hear his awesomeness. In his interview Kevin says, "I think the secret to being awesome is to find your passion and to do it with all your heart and soul... There's so much I want to do in my life and I haven't reached my full potential yet. I feel like there's so much more to who I am that I haven't explored so I'm excited for the journey ahead."

We always play a game at the beginning of FBC. Lucky for us, Mr. Beesley was still around at the end of the day and he let us borrow the Wellness dodge balls. The girls split in two teams and we had a fierce competition chucking balls across the LGI room.

It's rare that I get to play games like this at school since I'm doing that whole English Comp thing, but today was a blast. Tecumseh has taught me that it helps to yell when you throw the ball and that retrieving dodge balls to give to valuable throwers is just as important.

Ellie Goulding was blaring in the background, girls were screaming, Beesley and Trulock joined the teacher team and the whole thing was fantastic. Maddie asked if we can play dodge ball every week.

Usually we spend the rest of the time making bracelets, and some of our girls did. But I talked Lock Out with Trulock while Cami, Cecilia, Maddie and Taylor worked on their class of love. They created a class seating chart and then assigned seats by doing some Love Match Making. It was hilarious and awkward and beautiful and hopefully with some accurate predictions.

Today was silly. We need more silly. More balloons, more dodge ball, more cheerleader lifts, more pizza, more fun songs. I really loved today.

Tonight I got to have a dinner date with Maddy, Maggie and Elise. I love hanging out with them whether it's in FBC, at Wyld Life or on nights like tonight. Maddy was in rare form being extra goofy with her french fries, stickers and first grader voice. Maggie and Elise ate an impressive amount of salad and bread sticks with me.

I love that they initiate putting their phones away, that they're honest about their lives (both the good and bad) and that we're all going to DC in TWO DAYS. Can't wait to have more fun with them.

Today Donald Miller taught me, in his new book Scary Close, "Relationship are a greater predictor of who we will become than exercise, diet or media consumption. The ideas and experiences we exchange with others grow into us like vices and reveal themselves in our mannerisms and language and outlook on life. I'm getting pickier about who I spend time with. I want to be with people who are humble and hungry, had healthy relationships, and were working to create new and better realities in the world."

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