Thursday, February 5, 2015

"My heart was beating so fast and I thought this is BULLYING and I am a BYSTANDER. I HAVE TO DO SOMETHING!"

Early morning bible studies have become a normal thing around HSJH. The first one I got to help with was years ago in the Devoe's basement with girls that are now Juniors in HS. I've been leading two different groups of 8th graders for their Junior High years, waking up early every Friday morning. But I'm not the only one. Trulock, KCraig and Jackie Renick all lead bible studies as well. Today I got to be a guest speaker at Jackie's 7th grade group. She has a collection of precious girls-- Emily, Sami, Alexis, Isabelle, Abby, Reese, Kaitlyn, Brooke, Grace, Grace, Avery, Hannah and Payton-- that meet with her every other week. Today I shared with them about my relationship with Jesus and my relationships with friends. 

The FBC met after school today in the LGI room. We played Running Charades at the start which resulted in a room full of jumping and shouting girls. Round 1 they acted out teachers like Mrs. Trulock, Mr. Hodgin, Mrs. Gundrum, Mr. Beesley and Mr. Couch. Round 2 they acted out stores like Wal-Mart, Uncle Bill's, CVS, Barnes and Noble, Urban Outfitters and Fuzzy Wigs. For Round 3 they wanted to act out Things Miss Wright Does like drinking Diet Coke, Young Life Campaigners on Mondays, chaperoning the DC trip, posting #tecumsehtuesday on Instagram and Wyld Life at Mama Bear's.

Julia and I drove over to Noblesville this evening to a Sectional Swim Meet. Camp girl Hallie Roth was competing and she had invited me to come watch. I told her I wasn't sure if I could make it, especially because I wanted to surprise her. We knew both Hallie and Lexie would be so excited. Julia and I spotted them down by the pool from our spot in the balcony. I sent them a text that said, "SURPRISE! WE'RE HERE!" We watched them see the text, immediately freak out and take off sprinting.

Julia and I went out to the hall and the girls were there two seconds later--screaming while jumping up and down. Hallie even had tears running down her face. These two have a huge love for Tecumseh and I'm so glad that Julia and I were able to make it to the meet.

All three of the girls will be CILTs this upcoming summer. Hallie and Lexie are in Session 2 and then Julia will be there for Session 3. I have no doubt that all of them will live camp to the full and take every single opportunity. I'm thankful for their enthusiasm, heart, joy and love of friendships.

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