Sunday, February 8, 2015

"Sometimes I count down my farts. Like 3... 2... Phfffff."

Remember when Lennon and Maisy started out singing the cup song on YouTube? Then they became sisters that play sisters on Nashville. Just found this cover of Boom Clap by the pair and absolutely love it. 

Molly Henry just clued me in to this new Andy Grammar song Honey, I'm Good. It's really fun and worth a listen and watch on YouTube.

Kid President's Guide To Being Awesome and Donald Miller's Scary Close came in the mail! I had pre-ordered both of these books and was ecstatic to see them both show up. These are the kind of books that make me want to start reading right this second. I'm about a third of the way through Don's book and love it. 

Molly Henry and Megan Cook joined me at church at Northview on Sunday morning. (And the Woodward family sat right behind us!) I love when I get to share the row with good friends like all of them. Northview is the middle of a Family Matters series and a 3-week segment on what kids needs from adults. Although I'm not a parent, so much of it is applicable to being a teacher, YL leader and camp counselor. 

Something very big happened this weekend. I hadn't counted bracelets in awhile and when I gathered the latest group up Sunday I discovered I was at 299! WHAT?! So I finished bracelet 300 later that night. The goal was to make 100 to give away to YL and HSE friends this semester-- they've all been made, now I just have to give 45 more away!

I got to go on a Chipotle date with Julia and her grandma that we call Nonnie. She's a precious soul and I love when I get to see her at the kids games or at the Dewolf house. It was a treat to sit and talk with this pair while we gobbled our burrito bowls.

**Honorable mention blog title, "Have you smelled the lunchroom at the High School? It smells like Satan."

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