Sunday, February 15, 2015

Washington DC Day 2

I've been wearing Patagonia since the middle of college but it exploded in HSE Junior High and HS this year. You could spot Pattys every where on our trip but on Sunday Cecilia, Elise, Maddie and I coordinated our tie-dye. 

White House Visitor's Center-- Too cold for Arlington, we changed plans and headed to the White House Visitor's Center to learn more about where we had gone yesterday. It gave us the inside scoop on everything White House from the West Wing to the residential floors and special things each family requested.

More freezing coldness.

National Archives-- Home to the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence, we couldn't take pictures of the documents because they're high security.

Smithsonian Museum of Natural History-- I led a group of girls right upstairs to the bug guy so we could hold worms, cockroaches and watch a tarantula feeding.

This museum is also home to the Hope Diamond, the T-Rex skeleton and Easter Isle rock guy and more.

We eat breakfast in the hotel each morning but breakfast and lunch are in the food courts. The kids get vouchers that let them get a meal at any of the restaurants.

DC Cupcakes-- We dropped everyone off at the Holocaust Museum and I stayed on the bus with Sarge to drive to Georgetown Cupcakes. Home of the TV show DC Cupcakes, it had been my dream to go inside. This year I finally got to pick up the order of cupcakes for our whole bus.

Holocaust Museum-- One of my favorite museums, the collection of video, photographs, information and artifacts is incredibly well done. Whether you know nothing or you're an expert on the time period, everything goes away learning something new.

Crime and Punishment Museum-- Totally interactive, the kids get to be in police lineups, explore a jail cell, do a chase scene or shooting simulation, autopsies and crime scenes and more.

Smithsonian American Art Museum-- This was a first for me which was exciting. We had plenty of time to explore three whole floors of American Art featuring everything from Presidents to Athletes and thugs.

I ran into Young Life friends Tony and Abby on the third floor. I knew they were in DC but it was totally random that we were all in the same place at the same time.

I hit at wall while in the museum and precious Audrey was a rock star and scratched my back for me. This became a long massage train of kids.

Our Potomac River cruise got cancelled because of the weather but that didn't stop our fun. We headed back to the hotel for an all-you-can-eat pizza party and a dance party with a DJ.

The teachers quickly snatched up almost all of the Diet Coke.

Dance parties are one of my favorite things in the whole world and I had a blast both watching and dancing with the kids. The Wyld Life girls are used to regular dance parties at Club and they had no hesitation to jump right in and start going crazy. I would also like dance lessons from Hailey Loftin. She's a rock star.

Audrey went hard the whole time. I really wish I could show you this girl's moves. So thankful that I got to spend so much time with her on this trip.

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