Tuesday, February 17, 2015

"Did the wallpaper taste like Presidency?"

Great words to think on...

"I'm starting to wonder if that's not the whole point of life, to be thankful for it and to live in such a way others are thankful for theirs as well." -Donald Miller, Scary Close"

Highs of the Day:
1. Reuniting with fun 7th graders after a three-day weekend and seeing all of the DC people that showed up at school today
2. Rocking my new Washington DC mustard yellow fleece from Joe's Souvenirs (the softest thing you've ever touched)
3. Taking a two hour nap right after school
4. Watching  the 8th grade girls basketball game from the stands with KCraig
5. Cheering on the cheerleaders--Cecilia, Carly, Teia, Alexa, Mallory, Grace and Abby
6. Hanging out with Hannah Conrad and agreeing that life would be great if we could hang out every single day
7. Going to bed by 9:30

Top 10 Things I Miss About Tecumseh Today:
1. The excitement of putting on your staff polo and wooden name tag for the first time each summer
2. Sitting on the Trading Post steps with kids just talking about life
3. Thursday night cook outs in main field-- nothing beats sitting in a circle with your cabin eating hot dogs and chips
4. Gold Rush dance parties in Main Field
5. Getting returning campers in your cabin and skipping the whole getting-to-know-you phase
6. When Ben Dehr, without you knowing, takes a really great picture of you and kid and you find it on the website
7. When counselors put a new spin on an old chapel
8. CILT songfests at night or in the morning before lunch
9. Living with so many friends 24/7
10. Not having to miss camp at all while you're at camp

Tomorrow is the start of Lent.
What if this year you did something that would allow God more space and time in your life?
What if this year you committed to doing something that would change your heart?
What if this year you decided to seek Jesus in a new way so you ended up being closer to Him than you are right now?
I wonder what you'll do.

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