Sunday, February 1, 2015

"I don't know anything about what I want in life. I don't even know what kind of bread to pick at Subway."

1. Morning bible study on Friday at Elise's house with a group of 8th grade girls that I really love. They make waking up so early worth it.

2.Showing up at the basketball game for a little bit to see Hannah's team perform at half time, see Emily Peterson from Noblesville and hang out with HSE kids like Katy, Abby, Julia and a bunch of other people I ran into.

3. Emily Glanders came over while Eric was at his hockey game in Fishers and it was so good to see and hang out with her.

4. Saturday morning started with Wyld Life leadership at KCraig's house. We did a devotional together, talked logistics and then everyone took a personality test to find their Enneagram results. It spurred on so much good conversation about how we're made and what that means for us in the day to day.

5. A lunch date with Alli Sams-- I've known her since she was in 7th grade, been her counselor at camp for two summers and shared so many conversations. I'm thankful I get to do life with her.

6. PACERS CLUB! There's a whole blog post just on this...

7. Northview Sunday morning beside Sarah Woodward, Grace Dix and their families. I'm so thankful for a church home and that I get to run into friends there every single week.

8. Diet Coke and french fries with Megan Cook Sunday afternoon that turned into a three hour conversation. I love when you're on the same page with someone and you just don't want to stop talking about life and friends and Jesus and dreams and fears and questions and everything in between. Cookie wants to be known by her leopard scrunchie, she loves being friends with different kinds of people and one day I think she'll own a clothes/books/coffee/jewelry store in Haight Ashbury in San Francisco and have a cat.

9. On Friday I accidentally deleted a years worth of pictures from the blog because I didn't know that Overlap and my gmail were connected. I didn't realize the mistake until I got home on Friday and it was a crisis to put it mildly. I would have to individually reload about 4,000 pictures and get all of them in the right spots. I tried restoring them from the trash folder but the Google help line told me something about the server and macros and how that wouldn't work. So I spent hours Friday and Saturday fixing pictures from the last three weeks and YL camps this past summer. But I woke up Sunday morning AND IT WAS ALL FIXED! EVERYTHING IS BACK HOW IT SHOULD BE. IT'S A STRAIGHT UP MIRACLE. I'm trying to just accept it and not worry about it all disappearing again. I'm never deleting anything ever again.

10. Hannah Conrad showed up at my apt to visit after the half time of the Super Bowl so we could continue our streak of seeing each other every day. So thankful for this girl and how she is continually becoming. I'm lucky to call her a friend. I'm such a fan.

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