Thursday, February 26, 2015

"This dress is like silly bands but it all happened in one night."

We watched one of my favorite Soul Pancake videos, Street Compliments, in class today and then did our own Hallway Compliments. Each kid writes four compliment notes to anyone that they want. Then I ask them to secretly deliver their kind words. Stuff them in a locker, hid them in a pencil pouch, tape them to your mom's bathroom mirror--just be sneaky. Of course it's really fun when I come back from passing period to find notes stuck in my keyboard or taped to my water bottle. 

I wrote notes all day long with my kids to different students that have stood out for being extra hard working, creative, kind, helpful or humble. I look up their locker numbers and slide the notes into their lockers during my prep period. Writing and delivering these notes seems like a more than excellent use of my time.

FBC met in the library this afternoon and I crowded a table with a fun crew of girls that were feeling silly and hyper. They had some capers of their own and together they came up with Varsity FBC Requirements, a new draft of the Varsity squad and the starting line up. We take friendship braceleting very seriously.

It has come to our attention that some of the Varsity members may not actually be at the highest level so we needed to clarify that. Next year we'll expect Varsity members to always make hardcores, make at least 4 good bracelets a month, never keep the bracelets they make or ask for bracelets, be able to do both an earthquake and a five braid, and easily read bracelet pattern graphs. 

Hanging out with these girls every Thursday afternoon is one of the best parts of my job. I don't have most of them in class right now so when we do see each other at school it's for a few seconds at most. During FBC we get to hang out for so much longer and we all just really love it.

KCraig has initiated a more formal mentoring program between our adult and HS young life leaders. She's trying to pair up each Junior and Senior with an adult that can check in on them, pray for them, share intentional conversations and just be a person that they can go to. My girls, Haleigh and Hannah Conrad, are two that I've been close with since the start of YL, it's just in a more official capacity now. Tonight I ended up getting to spend time with both of these girls. They're really wonderful people and I'm thankful for their optimism, honesty and consistency no matter what is going on. We've been through a lot and I'm glad we get to do so much of it together.

Then when the day was almost over THIS DRESS happened. Someone sent the picture to me and said, "What color is this?"

Hundreds of text messages, twitter posts, group messages and Google searches later... Everyone was still split on whether this dress was blue and black or white and gold. I could only see white and gold for the longest time but finally saw the other way a few hours later. Now I can see it both ways.

There were all sorts of theories about why this color disagreement was happening:
- If you saw white and gold you were happy but if you saw black and blue that meant you had something sad happening in your life
- You were color blind
- Witchcraft
- You were on drugs
- Dominant and non-dominant cones in the back of your eyes affect whether you can see it only one way or both ways
- Obama
- The brightness on your phone was weird or you needed to turn your phone a certain way

Now we've learned that the lighting when the photo was taken affects the saturation of the colors. Below shows the original picture in the middle, white balanced to white gold on the left and white balanced to blue black on the right. *The original dress was actually blue and black.

Honorable mention blog titles:
"You're a teacher, that's why you make two a day. I'm barely making just one a day."
"You guys better hurry up, Miss Wright's probably going to pass out."

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