Sunday, February 22, 2015

"That's when you know. He's got half a closet full of clothes just for clownin'."

Weekend Highlights

1. Hanging out with Fudge and Julia after school Friday-- Fudge knit in the car, we got slushies and watched the Andritch family interview that was on the news this week.

2. Hanging out with Hope, Katy and Julia-- dinner together, visiting Ciara at work, braceleting together and having Maddie, Hannah and Cass show up to hang out with us.

3. Doing a service project at Northview with Julia, Elise and Liz-- we packed snacks for ISTEP week for an IPS elementary school.

4. Lunch date with Molly Hicks-- she's a rock star and it had been way too long since we had hung out last. I'm so thankful for her positivity, honesty and the way she sticks to her convictions.

5. Having Jackie come over to hang out and talk all things school and YL. I'm so thankful for her friendship in my life.

6. Wyld Life Disney Club-- Oh holy cow I love club. There's a whole post on that.

7. Going to church with Hannah Conrad, Maddie and her whole family. Then going to brunch with the same crew at the Hawthornes. Maddie, Hannah and I are on day 3 of hanging out together.

8. Dinner date with fellow English teachers KCraig, Jan and Jeannie. We laughed hard and told stories and made plans about what we hope will happen next for all of us.

9. Finding out tomorrow will start with a TWO HOUR DELAY!

Blog title honorable mentions:
"She's a hat trick. They're never going to let her go."
"No! I need the friendship NOW!"
"This is weird seeing you have friends."

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