Wednesday, February 4, 2015

"Can you imagine the reaction? My phone would crash and Instagram would explode."

Cami Berman is a rock star. I didn't get to have her as a student but she was in my cabin at Wyld Life this past summer and she's a regular attendee of the FBC. Cami wears skirts or dresses for No Pants Wednesday with me each week and often wears Tecumseh sweatshirts on #tecumsehtuesday. Tonight Cami and I got to have a dinner date, like our one on one at camp. I got her to try chopsticks with her buttered noodles because chopsticks just make things more fun. I love this girl's spirit and heart and can't wait to be with her on the DC trip next weekend. 

I had a meeting after school today with all of the teacher chaperones who will be going with the 200 8th graders to Washington DC in just 10 short days. This will be my 3rd time going and I'm flipping out with anticipation and excitement. My first year I got this amazingly ugly pink cheetah sweatshirt, became friends with Brookie, hung out with Malena and experienced the capital in a whole new way.

Top 10 Things I'm Looking Forward To:
1. Dream Team bus of kids with Mr. Hodgin
3. Dinner and a dance party on a boat
4. Walking the monuments
5. Going up in the Washington Monument for my first time ever
6. Finding this year's ugliest sweatshirt
7. Traveling through airports with 200 kids
8. Finally going inside DC Cupcakes (fingers crossed)
9. Hanging out with all of the chaperones
10. Spending three whole days with some of my favorite kids

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