Monday, October 5, 2015

"All of your birthday posts say such aggressively meaningful things. So what does that say about our friendship?" Camp T Day 1

It's the best school week of the year-- our annual field trip to Camp Tecumseh. All of the 7th graders from FCJH and HIJH will drive up for three days with HS counselors, teachers and parents. Because there are so many kids they come up in two different sessions. As one of the directors, I get to be at camp for all five days. We've been getting ready and counting down to this trip for months. 

I came up Sunday night but I loved getting pictures like this from Liz and Linnea, two of our counselors, as they rode the bus up.

Getting to spend time with the HS counselors is one of my favorite parts of the week. Liz, Mallory, Lucy, Angela, Ashley, Sarah, Linnea and Cassidy are rock stars. You can bet that I love it when so many of our counselors are also Young Life kids. 

This year is extra special because Molly Brunner Runner Runner and Ellyn, two of my best friends, are working Outdoor Education this season. That means that I'll get to hang out with this dynamic duo every single day.

Abby and Rachel have both been counselors for years now and I hate that this is there last year. Julia is pumped about her second year on this trip and now Camp is filled with memories of CILTs for her too.

One of our traditions is that every study group of kids is assigned a letter. Then the counselor comes up with a theme to go along with that letter. Abby is ZZ-- ZZ Top. Rachel is DD- Dunkin' Donuts. Julia is I-- Indians. Their props are phenomenal.

Hodgin and I are at different schools this year but we're reunited this week because both of our schools are here at the same time. It's pretty sweet getting to hang out with Ellyn and Hodgin at the same time. They're best friends now too.

There is a lot of work involved in running the trip, but I also make sure I take time to go walk around camp, see the study groups in action and check in with Ellyn.

Megan Cook is a counselor this year for the first time and I'm so excited. She has her brother and her cousin in her study group which is pretty entertaining. I freaking love this girl.

Another one of my favorite parts of camp is getting to be so goofy and fun and the camp counselor version of myself with my students. I don't have to worry about homework or tardies or staying quiet in your assigned seat here. I race my boys up the Lake Hill and sing Taylor Swift with them in the dining hall. I love this. 

At night Mr. Brown and I run the Just Dance competition and Square Dancing. Half of the Session is with us in Kampen Lodge and it doesn't take long before every person is smiling, singing and sweating like they mean business.

For each round of Just Dance the person with the controller can earn a point for their team and the team with the greatest group participation and enthusiasm gets two points for their team. It's the best.

Can't wait for four more days of this.

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