Tuesday, October 6, 2015

"Sarah! No! I like being the winner!" Camp T Day 2

Day 2 Field Trippin' Highs of the Day:

1. Seeing Halle, Jack and their study groups up at the Richard G Lake as they went canoeing

2. Running into Ellyn about once an hour all day long and wearing our floral Patagonias together

3. Having summer camper Kylie Ostrowski here and doing our backwards wave whenever we see each other

4. Hanging out with my girl Liz Huston who is killing it as a counselor

5. Taking Hodgin, Funk, Trulock and Deatley-Kapp all over Lake Village on a tour and showing them things like the Lookout Tower and the Suspension Bridge

6. KCraig and Jesse came to visit and play all afternoon-- we did the Black Hole, hung out at the Green Cathedral, tried Just Dance and explored some more

7. Getting steps with Megan Cook because she took over Cassidy's FitBit for the day. Her crazy stepping got me moving all day long. Cookie finished the day with over 40, 000 steps which is phenomenal. I set a new record and made it to 56, 365 steps. Oh holy. The bottoms of my feet will hurt when I wake up tomorrow.

8. Just Dance night 2 was a smashing success. I love this part of camp.

9. Skit night-- Dirk is the best, the counselor Riff Off and Evolution of Dance, being the "gossip" in the 12 Days of School, walking and talking with Cookie in the back of the room.

10. Senior Night secret traditions...

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