Sunday, October 18, 2015

"Oh, we were just out getting some steps."

Brookie Cookie left a bracelet for me on my desk Friday. She put the pink, purple and blue five braid on a napkin and wrote with a marker "From Brooke." I figured it was this specific Brooke, but found her by her locker to ask. She's a gem this one. Today I also realized she's a mini me of Emma MacAbee, a CILT from Session 2. My theory was confirmed when a guy from her Session texted her a screenshot of Brooke and said, "Wait. Sarah Wright has your twin as a student."

I drove up to Holland, MI this weekend to surprise my dad (a week early) for his birthday and spend time with my family. He was shocked when I walked into the house on Friday. We had some birthday cake, he opened his Fit Bit and Lincoln and Red entertained us all.

Saturday morning calls for pancakes and strawberries in your pjs. 

Katie and I took the boys to Skyzone for their very first time. They LOVED it. Linc had just as much fun bouncing as he did running on the mats between the trampolines. We predicted that Red would just plop down and not want to play but he was all about it. 

Linc loved climbing through the foam pit but Red had the most fun making giant towers of the blocks and then knocking them over.

We had to run some errands, had lunch at Panera and giggled in our car seats. Aren't these boys the cutest? I don't get to see them very often, but I think they're the best. 

My sister is also the best. The best sister, the best wife, the best mom. I love when she and I get to spend time together.

Did you know Lincoln also has a trampoline in his backyard?

On the way back to Indiana on Sunday I made a detour off of 31 at Culver Academy. Lucy Welch, a CILT from Session 3, is a Junior at this private boarding school. I've only seen it in pictures before, but today I got the grand tour. Lucy and I walked the trail by the lake to town for lunch, visited her families house in town, found the fiction books in the library, peeked in her dorm room, found her horses in the Equestrian center and walked all over campus. My favorite part was asking her questions about her school--it's seriously so cool. I think someone should make a movie about Culver and Lucy can be the main character.

This quick pit stop was such a good decision. I've known Lucy for years but loved getting to be her counselor this summer and I'm so glad that we're friends. She's a rock star and has a heart of gold. I admire her independence, confidence, enthusiasm and kindness. Can't wait to see her again in December for the CILT reunion.

I got home just in time to meet up with Julia for dinner. She'd been working on this awesome gift all day long and I got to go with her to deliver it to KCraig and Alex. The four of us are part of the team that's going to Ethiopia together over Spring Break. We'll be going to a Young Life camp to work, doing contact work with leaders and visiting Lebu where we built a library two years ago and we're continuing friendships. I'm currently working on fundraising for this trip and would love your help. You can visit my page at and make a donation there if you can help partner with me. Thank you!

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