Sunday, October 4, 2015

"You're the kind of person that uses a loofa in the shower."

Highs of the Weekend:

1. Getting to see Han, Cass, Katie and more Seniors when they came back for Homecoming on Friday. These girls were some of the main characters of my life last year and I miss seeing them all the time. I'm so glad they're doing so well at Bama and IU. 

2. Running into Ava, Emily and Amy since HSE was playing Noblesville.

3. Going onto the field during the football game instead of the chaos of the stands.

 4. Talking to YL kids like Elise, Maggie and Hannah at the fence during the game.

5. Leaving after half time with Hools and Liz because we were FREEZING and going to Wendy's for a really late dinner.

6. Watching Maddie and Line compete in their first cross country race. Well, they weren't actually racing, but they were hilarious.

7. Cheering on the Varsity and JV girls teams during their race and running all over the course.

8. Getting to hang out with Fudge and Grace--two of my favorite people.

 9. Having a whole afternoon to catch up on shows like Grey's, Scandal and Modern Family and making friendship bracelets.

10. Going to Fudge's house to see her and her friends before they headed off to their first Homecoming.

11. Being the morale support for Maddie and Cecilia while Cookie did their hair and Sydni did their makeup. There is never a dull moment with these people.

12. Hanging out with Katy P and watching Catching Fire.

13. Waking up early to have coffee with Han and hearing more about her life at Bama.

14. Going to Northview with Han and Hools before Han headed back to school.

Honorable Mention Blog Title:
"It's not hard, just don't be a freak show. I had plenty of friends growing up. Just don't be an idiot."

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