Wednesday, October 7, 2015

"There is just a peace about this place. And you have that peace too." Camp T Day 3

Wednesday of Camp T week is crazy because it's the great switch over between Sessions. We start the day wrapping things up with one crew of counselors and kids and finish the day with the fresh energy and enthusiasm of a new squad of counselors and kids.

Lucy and Liz are my homegirls from Castaway YL camp this summer to Camp Tecumseh. Ashley is in my 1st period class and always starts my day with a smile. 

Abby and Rachel have been part of my life since they were 7th graders six years ago. These two are funny and quirky and silly and kind and positive and I just always love being around them.

I loved being around them the past three days. I'll be the President of the Abby and Rachel Fan Club. 

Cassidy Ogan has been a riot the past three days and I'm so glad she's part of this counselor team. I love seeing her shine and be totally herself here. I had a friend crush on Linnea when she was a 7th grader because of her crazy side ponytail that she wore every single day. I finally got her to wear it again today before she left camp.

Then in just a few minutes of transition, bag throwing and bus wheels rolling, Main Field was filled with hundreds of new faces. I was so happy to see all of these little girls that I've gotten to know well in the past few months.

This Session was dominated with Camp T summer camp kids and Wyld Life kids. SO. MUCH. FUN.

These kids know how to have a blast. I love seeing FCJH kids reunite with their friends from HIJH. I'm getting to know their friends and it's pretty fantastic. 

Ellyn and I are still having a blast together. She's been having with school groups all season, but this week is extra special because I get to introduce her to all of my people.

My other partner in crime, Haleigh Devoe, has arrived to be a counselor. We've been friends for six years, been in the same cabin too many times to count, led a Wyld Life cabin together this summer and she's my cadet teacher this year. Haleigh Devoe also rocks a wolf shirt every day and three best friend necklaces.

Andrew Myers, charter member of the lunch crew, is at Camp T as a counselor for the very first time. I'm such a fan of this guy. His kids are so lucky to be with him all week.

And one of the weirdest, craziest people I know, the Queen Bee Rachel Nigh, has arrived. She's ridiculous and fantastic and I love that she gets to influence this culture. Rachel makes being weird cool. One of the best things about camp is watching people like Haleigh and Rachel become friends. 

Study groups headed out with their new themes, giant bags of candy and workbooks ready to be filled. We've got gnomes...

buzzing bees...

and bakers too.

My mom showed up early for this September Quilt Camp this afternoon. Now I've really got my whole gang together. I'm so thankful for my mom who teaches me about loving people, about being sacrificial with your time and heart, about creating a culture where everyone is welcome.

I'm really excited about the Royal Fam being here for the next three days: Katie Myers the Homecoming Queen, Andre Myers the little brother and Caroline the girlfriend. Just Dance was a hit yet again and the counselors devoured the pizzas after the kids headed back to their cabins.

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