Wednesday, October 21, 2015

"I woke up at 6am suddenly and had the lyrics for a Foundations For Success song in my head."

Caroline Shumaker is a freshmen in HS now, but she still often comes up in conversation between Trulock and I because we both think the world of her. Today her younger sister Clare got to deliver this present Caroline has diligently been working on for me.  You know how teachers have to attach something to their projector screen to pull it up and down? Caroline made me this beautiful, complex friendship bracelet out of yarn that's longer than a binder. I'm obsessed. And the best part is the note she attached, "Intertwine your life with the people you love."

Today was a Happy Mail kind of day. I finally used the coffee collars from last month and wrote three letters from this month's envelope to unsuspecting friends. Snail mail surprises are the best.
After school Molly Henry and I met at Lilly Orchard for an after school snack-- she got an Apple Cider slushie and I picked out an apple and a donut. We walkd all over Park Tudor's campus and tried their zipline before heading to Michael's. I stocked up on friendship bracelet string and Molly got a new coloring book and box of colored pencils. I heard coloring is very in right now.

When I visited Ben and Sarah Battaglia earlier this Fall Ben had Ben Rector's new album Brand New on repeat. I finally got it myself a week ago and haven't been able to turn it off. My favorite tracks: Brand New, Favorite Song, Note To Self, Like the World Is Going To End, Crazy, Almost Home. It's so good people.

Tonight the Varsity Tribe hung out. It was crazy. It was awesome. These girls are all nuts.

We missed the rest of our Varsity fam-- but I'm not sure the world can handle all of us being together at once. God bless friendship bracelets, three kinds of pizza, chocolate covered strawberries and dancing to Fergilicious. 

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