Thursday, October 1, 2015

"Walking to class on campus and just spotted a guy wearing an FBC shirt."

The Clubhouse is oozing with red, white and blue today. I live for 4th of July week at Tecumseh when I wear red, white and blue every single day. I chaperone the 8th grade field trip to Washington DC each Spring and we always come home with more patriotic shirts and sweatshirts. I love 'Merica and Emily Babb. 

Today was one of those days when FBC really was the most fun ever. First the kids made up teams for a backpack dutch auction. I yelled out things they could find in their stuff and then they raced to bring them over to me. 
  1. Five books open to page 23
  2. A selfie of five people on your team making a pyramid
  3. Someone somersaulting over wearing five shirts
  4. One person holding three pieces of chewed gum
  5. A pair of people doing a piggy back ride who both have mouths full of water (and then one of them spit her water out when she was laughing too hard)
  6. A handwritten list of three 7th grade teachers and three 8th grade teachers
  7. A snapchat video of your team screaming "WE LOVE FBC"

Today I taught everyone to make the three-braid and the FBC alumni worked on their own complicated patterns. I finally remembered to bring my Jambox and we blared music in the library the whole time. Brookie Cookie danced around the room. Grace, Payton and Grace did the entire choir routine to We're All In This Together. It was a party.

Tonight I drove down to Broad Ripple to see my friend Emily. We started working together years ago at Tecumseh and she's been an important person in my life ever since. We took her dog on a long walk and caught up on life. Later we met up with her husband Eric and our friend Rachel to go to dinner. I really love these people.

I love being a Young Life leader and a camp counselor so much and those two things often take precedence over everything else. Sometimes that's really good and I know that what I'm doing with my girls matters and that I'm fulfilling a purpose. But I'm afraid to say that sometimes, a lot of the time, my friends take a back seat to all of that. Part of that is because most of my best friends live far away from Fishers, IN. But I could be better about making time for my friends who live nearby. I need to work on balancing that more.

Fudge sent me this video today that will make you smile. Strangers Surprised by an Unusual Reminder to Care

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