Friday, October 30, 2015

Why Tecumseh ruined Halloween for me

Here's the truth: Halloween feels a little anti-climatic to me. 

Sorry. I realize that might sound a little negative. But being a Camp Tecumseh counselor takes dressing up to a whole new level. At least twice a week we get to rummage through our dress-up boxes and plastic drawers to pull together a costume. Our whole cabin comes up with a theme for campfire or the entire camp matches at dinner on Friday night. Dressing up is one of our strengths.

In honor of Halloween, here are my favorite costumes from Summer 2015:

Basic Camp Girls during Staff Training

Math Instruments for Liz

Truckers with all of Ellyn's grandpa's hats

'Merica with the CILT Pack

Joel for President Campaign Team

Father's Day and Mother's Day for our River Warrior Girls

Emojiis for Session 2

Zony and Yony with my best gal pal Ellyn

All the models of Fit Bit before I even had a Fit Bit to be obsessed with

Indian Tribe with the Spinnaker girls at Castaway

I definitely miss dressing up at Tecumseh but luckily I dress up a couple times a month for Young Life. Today is a very special day at the Clubhouse though because it's DICTIONARY DAY! For their English class, every student dresses up as the definition of a word. The halls and classrooms are filled with costumes and it's awesome. I love this day. My word this year is Retrospect: a review of a past course of events or period of time. 

Wouldn't you want to come hang out at the Clubhouse today?

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