Tuesday, October 27, 2015

"I would like to go somewhere with good chocolate milk."

You know how much I love sports, well, you know how much I love cheering on my kids while they play sports. Things are getting intense around HSE. Tonight the Varsity Volleyball team played Zionsville in Regionals at Zionsville. They're expected to make it all the way to State so we're pretty invested. The crowd was packed and the HSE JV and Freshmen girls stood up screaming after every point in the front row. I loved it. 

The best part about playing Zionsville is that I got to sit in the stands with Maggie and Emma aka Big Girl and Big Girl 2. They're hilarious and ridiculous and they make me really happy. I also got to see Cal and Annie Leonard in the Zionsville student section. We sat with Katy P and Hools in the stands and they were both screaming (and dancing) during the whole match.

 After a close first match, HSE came back and took the next three games making us the Regional champs. Our fans ran onto the court and the players were beaming. They should be so proud of their hard work, their teamwork and their positivity. I can't wait for them to play in Semi-State this weekend.

Smoon is the queen of finding cool things and sending them to me. Today she found this project that was done by Jasmine Kay Uy at the University of Texas at Austin Department of Art and Art History. I  love that if you just read the right side you just know there must be more, that this kind of negativity shouldn't be out there. But when you read it as a whole you think, "Oh heck yes, this is so, so good."

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