Thursday, October 8, 2015

"How many steps are you at? 43,000?! YOU ROCK!" Camp T Day 4

Once upon a time earlier this summer I decided to be intentional about being more silly. One of the ways I did that was to have a grapefruit eating race with Brunner Runner Runner. Our second race was on the very last Saturday of summer camp. This morning I showed up at Mt. Wood with grapefruit for our third race. We hate grapefruit but we love being silly together. 

I got to walk to the Richard G Marsh Lake with Haleigh and her wolf pack.

Teacher teambuilding in the Oak Forest this morning as we did Traffic Jam...

The Puzzle...

and Whale Watch. I work with some pretty awesome people. 

After lunch I walked all over River Village with Chloe, Brookie and Kaleigh. These three sweet girls are really precious. Brooke has been coming in the summer for years, but hopefully we'll get some more of these friends to join us.

I love, love, love having so many people I love together at once. These are my kind of people. 

Being here with Molly Brunner and Ellyn is one of the very best parts of this whole week. Today I posted a Sar and Ellyn daily pic with the caption, "Social Experiment: Comment a favorite memory if you lived in Choctaw with us." The results were just as great as I hoped...

Maddie Bescak- Ellyn teaching me about the Squatty Potty and playing fugitive with Sarah

Anna Firmani- When Ellyn wrote on every page in my notebook that had every outfit I was going to wear for each day of CILTs

Kaya Mernitz- Megabunk, rest hour with Glen and Jill, and your constant reminders to clean everything

Jill Pars- How do you pick just one????

Lucy Welch- Every minute

Adare Pitchford- Getting to live in Choctaw twice

Becca Wiebke- Waking up the morning after midnight donuts and realizing that it wasn't a dream

Arielle Brosman- Lights out, everyone's in bed. There is a sound of crinkling wrappers. Sarah: "Ellyn, are you eating candy?!" Ellyn clicks on a flashlight, "Yup! Nerd ropes."

Rachel Wilson- Ellyn forgetting to not talk to us on RFAJWD day... classic

Natalie Giovani- Wishing I was in the cabin... 

Ellyn Degenerate- When we were decorating for a bday and I didn't understand how you wanted me to hold the tape and it was so early and I couldn't operate

Anna Firmani- Also the millions of hugs from you two

Bridget Duffy- Living in Abnaki but going to Choctaw every night to talk to Sar and Ellyn about life

Sarah Mooney- That one time when Seminole cabin had a surprise sleepover in Choctaw and it was hilarious

Sofia Rhode- Sitting on the floor and making best friend necklaces

Natalie Finney- The time we were inside and Taylor Fischl tried to jump and look in the window and smacked her head on the window sill so hard

Christie Downey- Ellyn putting young photos of herself in everyone's love tank

Jackie Neely- Making potholder headbands

Charlotte Hank- BREAKFAST! Braiding Ellyn's hair was the best

Meghan Gingrich- Becky rolling underneath Claire's bed during rest hour and scaring absolutely everyone

I love this counselor crew-- girls like Erin King, Caroline, Rachel, Emily Lorch, Lexi Jolly, Abby and Devoe. They make camp so much fun for their campers and we couldn't do this without them. I'm so thankful that because of Young Life I get to keep seeing them all year long.

We tried something new for our last night of the Just Dance Competition. Each team picked a teacher to be their coach and then at the end of the night their coach was the final competitor for the team.

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