Thursday, April 20, 2017

"Basically I wanted to be Sarah Wright since I was in third grade."

Tuesday was for the Party People. We had a Wyld Life Love Bomb at the HIJH track meet to cheer on our friends. Hanging out in the stands is always the greatest place to be-- especially when you're surrounded with people like this. I'm thankful for Morgan's hugs, Mal's laugh, dinner dates with Maddie, the way KCraig and Johnna scream for kids and the love in this little family. 

I got to spend Wednesday and Thursday at the Wooded Glen in Southern Indiana for Wide Open Country. Twice a year, Young Life staff from the Raceway Region gather together. It's not a meeting, or a conference on purpose. Instead, this time is about passion and innovation, growth and relationships, rest and celebration.

Johnna and I are not on Young Life staff, but we enthusiastically accepted the invitation to come and be part of this group for two days. It was a huge gift to get to sit in a room with these people who show up for kids day in and day out, who lead leaders, who bring people closer to Christ as their full time job. This time was so, so good for so many different reasons.

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