Tuesday, April 11, 2017

"She uses hot sauce-- she's cool."

Sometimes you discover a camera for your blind spot on the side and if you're Shub you have to seize the opportunity to stick your head out the window. 

Tonight I got to have a beautiful hodge podge of a camp reunion. Mags (2017 DC Coord), Shub (2017 CILT) and Ellie (2017 DC Staff). They're just some of the most kind, positive and fun gal pals you'll ever meet. I loved getting to hang out with all of them at once. 

Lucky for us, we were half way through our dinner when Ellyn and her BFF Sormeh walked in the door. They joined the table and kept us entertained for at least another hour.

Camp released the hundreds of pictures they took at the race on Sunday-- here are some of my favorites.

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