Wednesday, April 5, 2017

"What if you named a dog Patagonia? Then would you like it?"

Normally, after a whirlwind trip like Seattle I'd head back home. Not this time. After leaving the Puget Sound, Justin and I hopped on a plane and headed to Las Vegas.

We met up with Justin's Uncle and friends who were just starting their vacation. I don't think anyone, myself included, thought Sarah Wright would be in Vegas one day. But we had 24 hours to see the city before we headed back to the Midwest.

Vegas highlights:

1. Walking the strip-- seeing the casino highlights like the Belaggio fountain and inside Caeser's Palace

2. In 'N Out Burger-- God Bless

3. Zip lining between the Rio towers

4. The final meal at Culinary Dropout-- One of the top 3 meals of the entire week

And then just 24 hours after we arrived, we were on a plane back home.

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