Thursday, April 27, 2017

"My mom took my phone away yesterday until I shaved my armpits."

I think everyone needs to be reminded of this truth every single day. Yes, we are loved by our friends and our family, but first we are loved by a God who loves us more than we can ever imagine. That love changes everything.

Wilderness pals met early Wednesday morning and finished the last chapter of Matthew together. We've got four more Wednesdays of gathering together around this table. 

One of my favorite ways to use Instagram is to throw out a question with a bracelet pic... kinda like a meal question. Today I posted, "Every single day I make a friendship bracelet, eat greek yogurt and listen to podcasts. What are 3 ordinary things you do every day?"

Smoon- Read theSkimm, drink caramel vanilla chai tea and check nutrition labels for food I can't eat
Yashi- Drink coffee, tweet and listen to podcasts
Claire- Read your blog, listen to my 2010 throwback playlist and eat peanut butter
Brookie- Run, swim and take tests
Lauren- Drink a bottle of water at lunch, laugh and cross things off my to do list
Ellen- Eat Eggo waffles, make Gilmore Girl references and use my hairbrush as a microphone
Ellyn- Make a smoothie, read a book and count to make sure I still have 10 toes
Molly- Hit snooze a minimum of 3 times, listen to my real housewives breakdown podcast to and from work and eat an apple
Lizzie- Rock climb, the quadratic formula and Grey's Anatomy
Smelko- Make coffee, listen to Spotify playlists and make new friends but keep the old
Es- Work out, sing at the top of my lungs and watch Netflix
Mikaela- Eat chocolate, nap and dance by myself
Charlotte- Eat Goldfish, reminisce about camp and jam out to some Adele
Cydney- Read the Bible, dance party and calculus


After spending a week together on Wilderness last summer, our gang of gals has continued to stay in touch with our guides Alaina and Hannah. Thanks to a wedding of Wilderness friends this weekend, Alaina came to town. The girls all attacked Alaina when we pulled up-- a tackle of love that was so overwhelming Smelko stayed in the safety of her car to watch. It was a beautiful thing.

98% of our time together was spent outdoors in CO so it only made sense that the first thing we would do together here in Fishers was to take a walk. Lucky for us, right in the middle of the neighborhood we've got a little dirt pile... hill... mountain...

On day 6 of our trip we peaked above Goose Lake in the San Juan Mountains. It was a moment and an experience that we won't soon forget. 

Smelko pointed out that our set up with the Saxony Beach pond behind us was pretty darn similar to good ol' Goose Lake.

This crew--- I'm so proud to know each of them and call them my friends. I love that we get to show up in one another's lives all year round. I love that we've eaten chicken fett on the side of a mountain together and that we get to eat breakfast at Sunrise. We shared life stories under tarps and sat in circles during Campaigners at the Barn. We've done it all together. 

Smelko. Goodness. A year ago we barely knew one another and now she's one of my favorite humans. I love that I tag along to Carmel YL stuff or she comes to HSE YL stuff and we meet up at Chipotle and we talk about self-awareness while eating corn dogs and we take spontaneous road trips to see friends and we sing Dixie Chicks and Duncan Fellows at the top of our lungs in the car.

And then today we got lucky enough to play with Alaina Girl. I love watching their friendship and I'm so thankful that I got to become real life friends with Alaina. This one is the kind of person who makes you better and makes life better and you just never have enough time with them.

So today we adventured...

We walked beside our friends...

We told old stories...

 And we were so happy to be together.

Honorable Mention Blog Titles:
"That doesn't mean you're fake-- that just means you're using your manners."
"Mom, you don't always have to bring up Jesus."

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