Saturday, April 1, 2017

"Since you were at a place called Gas Works Park does that mean people were farting a lot?" Carpe Seattle day 3

One of my favorite things, no matter where I am, is sitting in a coffee shop with a vanilla latte and a good book. Though Seattle is Starbucks Central, we decided to try Seattle Coffee Works as we started reading Sweet Maria's book Love Lives Here. 

We walked just past Pike Market to find the World Spice Market. This is THE place for spices from all over the world-- which is perfect if you love to cook. We stocked up on fun things for Justin and some of our friends and family. 

Back in Pike Market we figured out the system for the street musicians... I love a good plan.

I had to try the fresh shrimper cocktail before we left the market-- WE LOVED IT.

Yesterday we had our walking tour of downtown Seattle. Today was all about driving around the greater Seattle area. We had 10 stops on our itinerary. Though we had made the list together before the trip, I navigated and surprised Justin as we pulled up to each new spot.

1- St. James Cathedral

2- Starbucks Roastery & Tasting Room

THIS PLACE IS SO COOL. Most Starbucks coffee is roasted in huge facilities across the country. Here, they roast special, rare coffee blends that you can't find anywhere else.

 The place was gigantic with a store, all of the roasting machinery and 6 different ways of preparing coffee-- pour over, chemex, coffee press, siphon, espresso, clover brewed.

We tried espresso and pour over samples before we left-- so fun even though I think I'll stick with my vanilla latte.

Even their bathrooms are cool-- you can see out over the roasting process while you wash your hands.

3- Kurt Cobain's House
Well we ended up doing a drive by because there was no place to stop, and you could barely see Kurt's house over the fence and through the trees, but we're sure we saw it. This picture someone else took, but you get the idea.

4- Dahlia Press
Writing letters to people is my FAVORITE. So I had to find a stationary store while we were in Seattle. We chatted with the owner and I picked out a couple cards for my collection.

5- University of Washington, Husky Stadium


On the backside of the stadium you can look out at the water and have this view...

and then turn around and see this view of the stadium. On game days people tailgate on their boats in the water right here and are called the Purple Navy.

6- Gas Works Park
Remember 10 Things I Hate About You? This is the park where Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger went to play paintball after they rode the paddle boat together.

7- Meredith Grey's house
Justin insisted that we find something from Grey's Anatomy.

Later, Justin obliged to watch his first ever episode of Grey's Anatomy. About five minutes in to Season 1, Episode 1 Mer comes out the door I just took a picture beside.

And a block down the hill from the intern house is this view of the city.

8- Sleepless In Seattle Dock
We knew that we had to find the floating dock of Tom Hanks' houseboat in Sleepless In Seattle. There may have been a sign that said "Owners only" but we decided to risk it and walk down to the end anyways.


It was hard to tell from the side, but we thought this might be the house. The owner was on the dock, pulling up her kayak when we got there. Her poodle ran over to us and I started petting him so she'd think we were nice and not trespassing. We were talking to her for about 30 seconds when we realized we'd seen her out on her kayak, with the poodle in a life jacket on board, while we were over at Gas Works park. We asked her how her peddle kayak worked and she said, "Well, do you want to try it?"


Our new best friend Jennifer let Justin and I take out her TWO  peddle kayaks, told us where to find the Sleepless In Seattle houseboat and told us to have fun. 

We never could have planned this.

Just past the marina we found the Sleepless In Seattle houseboat and did a cruise by. 

We decided to Carpe Seattle and cut across the lake to Gas Works Park before peddling back across to Jennifer's. It sprinkled for the first time of this whole trip but we didn't even care-- the sun was shining and we were out on the water. 

9- Fremont Troll
We found the iconic Fremont Troll under the Fremont Bridge. I asked a girl to take our picture but when I climbed up on the hand on my side I couldn't see past the face of the troll to the other side. So.... I got a picture with this guy. 

Then I got a picture with my guy. 

10- Delancey
My sister is a food expert-- cooking cool things, following food blogs-- and she told me we had to come to Delancey for diner. She's been following the husband and wife pair that started the restaurant and knew we would love it. 

It's a cozy little place, casual and fancy all at the same time. We found out that guy in the red bandana is Brandon, but Molly works earlier in the day doing prep.

Oh. My. Gosh. This pizza. Justin and I got different toppings, pepperoni for me of course, and both agreed it was out of this world. 

I felt like I was letting my sister vicariously live through our experience so we had to order the brussel sprouts too. We almost finished off the whole plate before I remembered to take a picture. 

For dessert you can get their chocolate chip cookie as dough or baked cookies. Unanimous decision to go for the cookie dough. SO DANG GOOD.

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