Sunday, April 30, 2017

"Bye! The next time you see me I'll have a chinchilla!"

What's better than a Pizza Party?

Two Pizza Parties.

My SOAR class raised over $800 for the Pennies for Patients fundraiser several weeks ago and today were rewarded with pizza and breadsticks at the end of school. Nothing makes kids, or me, happier than pizza at school.

I joined up with the Wilderness gang, which added more members since Alaina's Thursday arrival, at Metazoa downtown. Abby and Tony were the MVP's of the night when they showed up with five amazing pizzas from Bazbeaux's. Smelko tried them all and picked her favorites, Charlie dog chilled under the table, I became best friends with Molly and all the guides were just so happy to be together. 

The rest of the weekend I did a horrible job of taking pictures... I didn't take any... but there were so many good moments.

- Breakfast with Annie and talking about life and the end of Senior year and what's coming next
- Visiting the ever-growing Wilderness gang living the dream out at the barn
- Running 3 miles at a new PR
- Getting to introduce Justin to the Houghton's, Nikcevich's and so many other friends
- So much time to sit and talk with Hannah Rapp
- Bailey and Grant's whimsical, love-filled wedding in a beautiful barn
- Smelko owning the dance floor
- Getting back to church at Northview
- Lunch date with Maddie girl and getting to embrace our organizing passion at the barn
- Running in the rain
- CHIPOTLE Party with Justin and Lee

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