Sunday, April 23, 2017

"Yeah, I'll take a chicken taco, chicken burrito and chicken quesadilla."

Smooney came to town Friday night and her one request was that we go back to Taco & Burrito Place. She and I went together the very first time and I know she'd be a regular with me if she lived in Indy. I hadn't been since before Spring Break and when I walked in the door the woman behind the counter said, "Where have YOU been?!" 

The whole gang was there and we ate a feast. Taco & Burrito Place really is the promised land. It won't be long till I'm back again I'm sure.

Smoon and I bopped over to Mama Bear's for Cassidy's Poetry Night to raise money for her upcoming mission trip. I was blown away by the talent and some of the pieces shared. Cass has some pretty talented friends.

We had a mini Camp T crowd show up in support which was a fun reunion.

This girl is really such a champ. I'm so encouraged by the ways that Cassidy lives her life-- in pursuit of equality and compassion for others, a heart seeking adventure rather than monotony, transparency and honesty in who she is and what she's about. This girl is a game changer.

Saturday morning Smoon headed back home as I headed to camp. Even when our reunions are short I'm reminded that Smoon is really one of the greatest friends I've ever known and I'm so lucky for the ways she has made my life better.

For the first time in the history of Camp Tecumseh YMCA, we had an official CILT Counselor Training this weekend. J and Tom met with our team of counselors who will be working together all summer long. It was what we had hoped for and more.

The weekend included pulling garlic mustard, growing relationally, working as a team, sharing a vision, dreaming together, walking Tecumseh, turning ideas into plans, laughing and telling stories, and drinking plenty of coffee.

Grace, Katie, Sean, Mike and I are beyond thrilled about what is to come. After these two days, I feel so excited about the impact this team will have together. CILTs 2017-- what a time to be alive.

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