Monday, April 3, 2017

Carpe Seattle day 4

The day before we left for Seattle I searched, "Free things to do in Seattle." The winner from the search results-- Sunday Sail at the Center for Wooden Boats. Anyone can come at 10am on Sunday mornings to sign up for one of the free sailboat rides captained by volunteers that day. 

As you can imagine, we were in the line before 10am with only about 15 people before us. Just being out on the deck around the boats and these cool buildings was an experience in itself.

There were 6 different boat options ranging from 3-14 passenger capacities and everything from steamboats to sailboats. We signed up for a sailboat ride later in the afternoon.

Off to coffee-- my daily requirement-- today featuring Uptown Espresso.

We knew we wanted to go to church while we were on vacation and found Downtown Cornerstone Church. Like we expected, it reminded us a bit of Common Ground back in Indy.

Besides the violin in the band, my favorite part was when they celebrated the 6th birthday of the church with the 6 things they believe.

1. Jesus is alive, faithful and true.
2. God builds His church through the faithful preaching of His word and the faithful labor of His people.
3. God does answer the prayers of His people.
4. God has people in the city who are His, yet don't know Him yet.
5. God is still at work ransoming lives and saving souls.
6. We are part of God's massive, expansive story that passes millenias and continents and we get to be part of all of that.

We did a quick drive by of the Capitol Hill Farmer's market. I hopped out of the car to grab a veggie quesadilla (organic of course) and a chicken tamale to split.

We made it back to the Center for Wooden Boats just in time to go out on the Admirable.

Meet Captain Pete and his skipper Ned.

High of the sailing trip: THE SUN WAS OUT AND IT WAS BEAUTIFUL
Low of the sailing trip: there was about 0 wind so our little sailboat moved very slowly

Seaplane tours were taking off and landing beside us in the water just about every 20 minutes.

Just call me Captain Sarah.

Meet my first mate Justin.

We got to the Fremont Sunday Market just before it closed late in the afternoon.

Do you know what makes me even happier than pepperoni pizza?

Having really, really good pepperoni pizza two days in a row.

Our new Airbnb is right on the Puget Sound and is incredible. We're in the guest house of a beach house right on the water. The awesomeness of this place is only surpassed by the view of the water. 

Lucky for us, the tide was down right when we got back from town so we could go on a long walk. There were shells, rocks and sand dollars ripe for the picking all over the beach. 

We probably saw 10 crabs washed ashore and found a rock for Ellyn.

This is the view looking wayyyyy back down the shore at our house.

Back in the day, I'd stack rocks with Arie, Ellyn and Smoon when we were all CILT counselors together. Today I taught Justin the art of rock stacking. Aren't these towers just so visually appealing?

Back to our house-- that's our little porch peaking over the top of the main house. Doesn't get much better than this.

Tomorrow is going to be a great one-- we're pumped.

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