Sunday, April 9, 2017

"I'm sorry. I don't know if it's chips or skin falling off of me."

Spring Break has been winding down for a few days but I've been packing in mini-reunions (after only being away for a week). I got to swap stories over bagels with Maddie and Hools. 

Dad sent me this pic of Lincoln playing at Central Wesleyan's new playground-- can't wait to be there with my family in less than a week.

Met up with the Croyts family for breakfast at Cracker Barrel to share all the biscuits and all the stories.

Celebrated Bailey and her upcoming wedding with her whole girl gang which meant I got to hang out with so many people I love.

Went to see The Case For Christ with Washburn and Cassidy-- we'd highly recommend.

Then Sunday afternoon Justin and I were off to Tecumseh to run in the 2nd Annual Running With Raccoons 5K Race to raise money for camperships. The first raccoon was out on Springboro welcoming us to camp.

Over 400 people came to camp for the race and I couldn't wait to hug so many friends. Alice and I nearly ran into each other and she cried just a few tears of joy to be back together at our favorite place.

The race took off from Upper Pioneer and the raccoons were running right along with us. There were cheerleaders all along the course with awesome signs and water stations with bright shining faces like Mama Kat.

The course ran by the Richard G, to the right in the Riv past the Trading Post, back through the OT and then a loop in the Pine Forest, back by the stables/archery/Nightingale, inside the Main Loop, back up the hill to the LV, past Teton and then straight on to the finish by Kampen. 3.2 miles.

I loved recognizing campers, counselors, alumni, families and friends all along the course-- both the participants and the volunteers. Everyone was cheering everyone else on as they ran like Kelsey, Abby and Aleah.

I got plenty of running and jumping hugs from Mia. The best hugs from Kayla Bacon.

Ellyn and I got to reunite with our CILT/Shoshone girls Miranda and Faith.

I was so happy to see my long time friends Alice and Hannah-- they make quite the duo.

My girls Claire and Caroline drove down from Fishers with their mom-- more Young Life meets Tecumseh mash up friendships.

I laughed the most today with Mags, Moll, Mary, Ellyn and Arielle-- some of the main characters of my camp years as both campers and staff. These women are some of the greats.. plus they're also the sportiest people I know.

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