Wednesday, April 12, 2017

"Just checking my self tanner. Now that I jumped in the pool it's gotta be wrecked. Does this mean I have to shower tonight?"

Speed blogging style...

Erin, Syd, Cass, Jesus and coffee-- all you need to start your Wednesday morning.

Surprise vanilla latte in the afternoon dropped off by a YL mom. Best 7th period ever.

Ice-cream with Smelko and visiting newly-3-year-old Frankie Jane on her birthday. What a party.

Wolf shirts are for Wednesdays.

Stoop kids. Gang's all here. I love these humans. Feels like summer.

Johnna and Cass-- two of the coolest people I know because they don't try to be cool, they just try to be the best version of them.

The peanut gallery...

...watching Cassidy jump in the pool when she lost odds. 

Campaigners in the driveway with the home team.

 Life is so dang good.

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