Monday, April 3, 2017

"I didn't see that, but did you see these cocktail napkins with chickens on them? Cause they're AWESOME." Carpe Seattle day 5

What you've heard is true-- it never rains in Seattle. And it just keeps getting better every day on this trip. Today started off on a rather high note-- IN A SEAPLANE! We'd been tossing around the idea of taking this adventure and made the reservation a couple days ago.

After three days of driving around the city, we were pumped to get a whole new view of it all.

Meet Pilot Jim. Such a swell guy. 

We took off from Lake Union-- where we kayaked and sailed too.

University of Washington...

Century Link Field where we went to the Sounders game...

Classic Seattle skyline-- Ferris Wheel, piers, Space Needle...

Bainbridge Island...

Gas Works Park...

My friends Brad and Johnna Myers came to Seattle years ago and told us they came to dahlia bakery four mornings because it was so good. Today was the day we made it there!

We tried pb & j coffee cake, beignets with jam and cream, sausage breakfast sandwich and bottomless coffee. I understand why the Myers kept coming back.

Then I found my mecca-- PATAGONIA! I don't think I've ever been in a Patagonia store before. It felt a little bit like the greatest place I've ever been.

The Patty people gave us 5 Patagonia stickers FOR FREE. Probably the best souvenir we've gotten so far.

We were just in time to walk on to the Ferry to Bainbridge Island. Grey's Anatomy definitely made the Ferry famous in both aerial shots and as the site of Derek Shepherd's final phone call to Meredith in Season 11.

The skyline side of the city is my favorite...

Justin's got another favorite. "I love the cranes. The working class. Pillars of American ingenuity. God bless you."

 But the greatest find on the ferry was spotting McDreamy.
It took just 35 minutes to make it over to Bainbridge Island. We docked and then walked a few blocks to the downtown of Bainbridge. We knew it was a good place when we spotted a YL bumper sticker right away.

Our first stop was Mora Ice Cream which claims to be the best ice cream in the whole world.

Just being in the sun was our favorite part of exploring the city.

I'm sure you're not surprised that I couldn't say no to a slice of pepperoni pizza from That's A Some Pizza on our way back to the ferry.

We walked off of the Ferry and right up to Pike Market. I suppose we've become regulars.

Today's goal was to try the famous Russian pastries at Piroshky, Piroshky.

I picked the ham, cheese and spinach for us to share-- SO GOOD.

We did a little more exploring...

Don't worry Clubhouse 6th period kids-- I'm still trying to eat my orange a day and peeling it in one peel.

We found a quilt store for my mom Bethie.

I couldn't help but think of all my Fishers girls who love taking artsy pictures on train tracks when we crossed over these this afternoon. This is for you gals.

"They have train tracks in Seattle too! This is the best!"

Captain Pete from the Admiral yesterday recommended that we come check out the Ballard Locks and fish ladder.

This was definitely the best view of the whole experience thanks to the rainbow.

But let's just say this was definitely a full day 4 kind of adventure and not something you'd ever spend time doing on day 1.

There was a viewing area below ground to see the fish... but you couldn't see any fish...

We drove out to Alki for dinner and discovered they have a real beach! If it was about 30 degrees warmer you could've convinced us we were in FL.

We found some Italian for dinner-- exactly what we were looking for-- and had a table looking out at the Alki beach. 

Boom. Best surprise on the way home.

The tide was still out enough for us to go on a walk when we got back to the beach house. We walked to the left this time and I found a house I'd happily move into tomorrow. They've even got some Chihuly glass in their yard.

Another great day in the books. Spring Break is the best invention.

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